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मगर देख, मुहब्बत में शामिल कोई दुसरा न हो।।

There are many industry experts which make rehearse from a few years. The siddi of this isn't an easy task. An extra standard human being has ability to performed the research. The wrongs deeds were being entail with the bane of humanity.

मैं लाख बुरा सही तू अपनी नज़र खराब ना कर…..

मेरी सब कोशिशें नाकाम थी उनको मनाने कि,

फीर क्यू हमे याद करोंगे आप, आप तो आसमान हो और आसमान को सीतारों की कमी नही होती.

उसके चेहरे की मुस्कान कभी भुला नहीं सकता,

“उम्र भर चलते रहे …मगर कंधो पे आये कब्र तक,

बारिश में भीग के आये थे मिलने , शायद वो आंसु छुपा रहे थे !

जाने क्या हस्र होगा जब वो खुलकर मुस्कुरायेंगे!!!!!

So hardly ever be reluctant to do this kind of points. Our romantic relationship gurus guideline you extra suggestions read more that will let you in setting up your relationship much better Consequently, constantly keep in mind that You will need to respect your husband or wife and include yourself in almost any final decision he or she made. These some tips are very prosperous in your relation, test them and acquire Advantages from them. In addition to it, if you continue to experiencing any trouble then without any kind of stress examine and worry all your queries with our enjoy connection qualified they're going to guidebook you in a far better way.

Use iron bangle in your wrist usually. It also eliminates destructive Electricity from you and defend you from spiritual things.

किसी दिन हम सो गए तो तुझे नींद से नफ़रत हो जायेगी।

सिर्फ उतना हम किसी से प्यार नहीं करते…!!!

तुम शराफ़त को बाज़ार में क्यूँ ले आए हो…

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